Hey there!
I'm ELENA – your new copywriting BFF!

My role?
To take copy and strategy off your plate so you can focus on what you do best.

I'm here to capture your brand's essence in words that make your audience say:
"Yes! They totally get me. I'm in!"

With 17+ years as a digital marketer, course creator and copywriter for brands big and small, I bring seasoned insight to craft copy that converts. Consider me your secret marketing weapon!
You're not just getting a freelancer, but a true partner invested in your success.

When I'm not writing, you'll find me learning and honing my craft. I also help course creators sell on autopilot with magnetic  email sequences. Pretty neat gig, right?

In our work together, I'll leverage my experience and intuition to shape a strategy that speaks right to your audience's heart. Then I'll weave your essence into irresistible copy that feels like YOU.

Let's grab a virtual coffee (or glass of Prosecco!) to connect. I can't wait to learn all about your business and brainstorm how we can make your message unforgettable!

Chat soon,


If those values resonate with you, I think we'll be a great match!

Born in Ukraine, I spent my early years soaking up the street smarts, dance, and sushi scene of Brooklyn, NY. After a decade in California, I now call Bellingham home. You can still hear a *hint* of my NY accent when we're chatting over coffee!

My Brooklyn-to-Bellingham Journey into Copywriting Magic

Integrity is my North Star
Trust comes from open communication
Play is essential (anyone up for Scrabble?)
Magic is real and meant to be embraced
Together we are stronger
Celebration is the cherry on top

Along the way, I've cultivated a few core beliefs:

"The copy was outstanding."

"I love how Elena set expectations, I never felt the need to wonder what she is working on. After getting the first piece of copy back, there were ZERO edits, and it was better than I expected. She is so intuitive.
I would absolutely recommend Elena, she's easy to work with and the copy was outstanding."


Amy Rauscher Smith

I enjoyed her yin energy and the way she was able to translate my vision through her words. I thought Elena brought up a lot of good points around how and why I needed to engage my audience in specific ways. I do believe that people can intuitively sense the presence behind copy and I wanted her energy to infuse my project. I feel that was accomplished.

Organizational Change Strategist & Founder of ReWild Work Strategies

Brittney Van Matre

"She was able to translate my vision"

"I LOVE the energy she carries. I really felt heard and understood as a business owner. The quality of Elena's work is outstanding.
She brought alignment and focus to something I felt was chaotic.
And now I have a usable tool for a better connection with customers –yay!"

Co-Founder of Elevated Hemp elevatedhemptokes.com

Kate Miguel

"I LOVE the energy she carries"

"Elena is a true Unicorn when it comes to copywriting. She's that rare mix of an expert who ACTUALLY understands the magical & energetic AND the practical application of epic communication.
If you're sick and tired of being misunderstood or been trying to fit into a box that was never meant for the fullness of your Gifts, working with Elena can elevate you to new heights."

The Royal Shaman


"Elena is a true Unicorn when it comes to copywriting"

"I would highly recommend Elena. I loved that she was able to stick to the timelines she set out, often over delivering. Her work is high quality and she is easy to work with! Elena listens intently for what is being said but also what isn't being said, helping to articulate Prosper's value proposition and message them in a way that made sense for our audience."

Michelle Clark

"I would highly recommend Elena"

"I recommend Elena and am so glad I made the investment, myself.
She's incredibly supportive, goes above and beyond to ensure the client is happy and she takes feedback like a champ.
Elena is worth every penny and more!"

Rachel Luna aka GirlConfident –  the Journal Expert

Rachel Luna

"Elena is worth every penny"

"We loved Elena's energy and drive as well as her understanding of the (coaching) industry and how it all works and fits together. She totally gets it and working with someone who starts from this level makes a huge difference."

Quantum Transformation and Embodiment Coach

Suzy Ashworth

"We loved Elena's energy and drive"

My Career Journey



After 10 years in corporate training, I became a mompreneur in 2005 and started an organic baby boutique





In 2013, I began teaching women biz owners self-care strategies through courses and coaching



In 2021, after copywriting for myself and my clients for over a decade. I dove in fully and got certified as a conversion copywriter!

In 2008, I pivoted to blogging on green beauty and eco-friendly products

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