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I write conversion-focused copywriting you, and more importantly, your future clients will be magnetically drawn to. 

Copy that truly captures your vision, resonates with your most dreamy audience, and leads to long lasting connections and conversions. 

When you’re proud of your website, sales pages, launch copy, and emails you will never dread sharing them again. 

Let's collaborate to create compelling copy in your unique-never-vanilla-voice until we strike copywriting gold. 

In the end, you'll have standout copy that converts and captivates effortlessly. 

What if copywriting was less struggle, more FLOW?

Ready to turn your website copy into something you LOVE LOVE?

Let's get the magic stirred up.

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Are you ready to leverage your time and focus on growing your business?

With research-based, client-focused copy that captures your essence, you'll think you wrote it yourself!

I make it easy to trust me with your messaging so you can get back to what you do best.

Imagine having aligned, results-driven copy written FOR YOU that:

  • Nails your brand voice so well it's psychic
  • Magnetizes your ideal clients
  • Is delivered on time and highly implementable
  • Leverages your gifts so you can focus on your growing empire

Let's explore how outsourcing your allows you more time and energy for joy, rest, and being the visionary your business needs. 

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More impact

I don’t just write copy. I channel the voice of your brand into compelling words that attract, inspire action, and boost revenue.

I help YOU, the visionary, soul-led, entrepreneur hand off copywriting so you can fully embrace your zone of genius.

More meaning

More money

Let me be your secret weapon to unlock:


 to elevate your presence and show up as the next level you NOW!
Because you have more potent ways to invest your time and energy than going down the rabbit hole of copy creation.

My mission is to make it easy for you to hand over your copy and focus on the growth of your empire.

My focus is to support you to …

stand out

As the unique, aligned, bad-ass visionary you are. BE excited to share your work, words, & message because they reflect all of YOU. 


To your most epic clients in an intuitive, focused, and precise way by writing like you and embodying your voice – using my unique market research framework.

I'll draw on proven formulas yet make your copy fresh and magnetic. The result? Sales messaging that captivates and drives action fast.

Whether launching something new or optimizing an existing funnel, I’ve got you covered. Let’s get compelling copy written in a day so you can get back to rocking your biz!

Sales Page or Email Copy in a Day

  • Want me as your personal copy BFF immersed in your brand? Hire me on retainer to dive deep into your offerings, audience, and vision - delivering copy that consistently sings your praises.

  • Retainer means no need to constantly repeat yourself. I'll fully absorb your brand essence from day one, seamlessly handling all your writing needs. Website, emails, social, sales - your vision flows freely into captivating copy.

  • My intuitive process and proven frameworks ensure messaging aligned with your brand personality yet sells like a rockstar. Let's connect to craft an ongoing plan that frees you up for big-picture growth.

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Immersed in Your Brand, Immersed in Results

Retainer Copywriting

Crafting Content that Compels Aligned Action


After research, in just one day I’ll:

Write and polish copy sounding like YOU

Collaborate on strategy and messaging

Outline engaging content that sells

Write and polish copy that sounds distinctly YOU

Deliver files ready for implementation
Deliver files ready to implement

Collaborate on strategy and messaging
Outline engaging content

  • Want to attract more dream clients and get them to say HECK YES? I'll create sales pages and emails that speak to what your audience desires - compelling them to join your program.

  • My sales and email copy is downright irresistible. I'll strategize, research and write copy focused on getting more opt-ins, leads and sales for your next launch.

  • Through spot-on messaging we will attract your perfect-fit clients and gets them fully excited and onboard with your transformative solution.

  • Let's unlock your program's revenue potential through sales and email copy that sounds just like you. I'll handle the writing while you focus on delivering immense value that changes lives!

Want stand-out copy fast for your next promo or launch? I'll leverage my experience to quickly craft high-converting emails or sales pages tailored to your offer and audience.

With over 17+ years experience coaching entrepreneurs and launching programs, I know how to craft copy that converts.
My superpower is capturing your unique essence in words that wow.

My copy flows effortlessly yet converts like crazy.
Let's co-create content you're proud to share again and again!
When I take care of writing, you can fully embrace your zone of genius. Let's get started!

I help visionary entrepreneurs:

Speak directly to your dream clients in an intuitive way

Align your messaging to powerfully attract who you seek

Love your copy so you can reuse it confidently

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Hey there!
I'm ELENA – your new copywriting BFF!

Stand out as the aligned leader you are


Make my emails spicy!

Ready to make your emails as enticing as spicy tuna rolls?
Because your audience is ready for you to show up as the most YOU you!

For Coaches, Creatives & Service Providers

"The copy was outstanding."

"I love how Elena set expectations, I never felt the need to wonder what she is working on. After getting the first piece of copy back, there were ZERO edits, and it was better than I expected. She is so intuitive.
I would absolutely recommend Elena, she's easy to work with and the copy was outstanding."


Amy Rauscher Smith

I enjoyed her yin energy and the way she was able to translate my vision through her words. I thought Elena brought up a lot of good points around how and why I needed to engage my audience in specific ways. I do believe that people can intuitively sense the presence behind copy and I wanted her energy to infuse my project. I feel that was accomplished.

Organizational Change Strategist & Founder of ReWild Work Strategies

Brittney Van Matre

"She was able to translate my vision"

"I LOVE the energy she carries. I really felt heard and understood as a business owner. The quality of Elena's work is outstanding.
She brought alignment and focus to something I felt was chaotic.
And now I have a usable tool for a better connection with customers –yay!"

Co-Founder of Elevated Hemp elevatedhemptokes.com

Kate Miguel

"I LOVE the energy she carries"

"Elena is a true Unicorn when it comes to copywriting. She's that rare mix of an expert who ACTUALLY understands the magical & energetic AND the practical application of epic communication.
If you're sick and tired of being misunderstood or been trying to fit into a box that was never meant for the fullness of your Gifts, working with Elena can elevate you to new heights."

The Royal Shaman


"Elena is a true Unicorn when it comes to copywriting"

"I would highly recommend Elena. I loved that she was able to stick to the timelines she set out, often over delivering. Her work is high quality and she is easy to work with! Elena listens intently for what is being said but also what isn't being said, helping to articulate Prosper's value proposition and message them in a way that made sense for our audience."

Michelle Clark

"I would highly recommend Elena"

"I recommend Elena and am so glad I made the investment, myself.
She's incredibly supportive, goes above and beyond to ensure the client is happy and she takes feedback like a champ.
Elena is worth every penny and more!"

Rachel Luna aka GirlConfident –  the Journal Expert

Rachel Luna

"Elena is worth every penny"

"We loved Elena's energy and drive as well as her understanding of the (coaching) industry and how it all works and fits together. She totally gets it and working with someone who starts from this level makes a huge difference."

Quantum Transformation and Embodiment Coach

Suzy Ashworth

"We loved Elena's energy and drive"

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